You might be wondering why you should engage a marketing & communications consultant rather than doing it yourself.

An external consultant can help bring focus to your offering, help identify your target audience, refine your messages and channels of communication to enable you to concentrate on your core business.

(And sometimes ‘outsiders’ are very good at asking the difficult questions that need to be asked!)

Here’s how I can help. I can:

  • take a look at your current marketing and communications activity
  • identify your competitors and provide an overview of marketing activity within your industry
  • help identify gaps and opportunities in the market
  • devise a strategy and budget
  • develop key messages, media releases, Q&As and assist you with issues management
  • provide advice on monitoring and measuring your success

As an added bonus, I hold a postgraduate qualification from RMIT in graphic design so I can also design your marketing collateral or recommend a suitable studio depending on your requirements be that web design or branding.

I’m also available to help you manage and deliver marketing communications projects whether it is the production of an annual report or writing a regular enewsletter.

Drop me a line to find out more.