And why do you even need it?

Let me bust some myths:

Marketing is not advertising. Marketing is not branding.  Marketing is not Twitter or Facebook or even a website.

Marketing is about identifying a need or gap in the market, meeting that need through the delivery of a product or service and communicating the benefit of your product or service to your target audience.

The results if you do this properly?  Increased sales, market share and profit.

Advertising, or social mediums such as Twitter or Facebook, are just some of the tools in your toolkit of marketing communications.  And marketing communications forms just one part of your overall marketing plan.

There’s a bit of groundwork to do before you even select the right ‘tools’.

So, where to start?

Perhaps you’d like to read some articles I wrote on marketing basics for The Creative Womens’ Circle blog?

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Or you can contact me for a chat.